How do I become an online poker professional?

Poker professional

After a long series of victories in poker games and tournaments, you finally feel ready to enter the circle of online poker professionals. This will not only allow you to make more money, but also raise your level by competing against experienced players. We will present you with a few tips and tricks to help you achieve your goal.

The basics to become an online poker pro

Before launching yourself into this jungle full of seasoned and strategically minded players, a little preparation is necessary. Indeed, a few tournament performances are not enough to launch yourself as an online pro player. You may be quickly disappointed.

You must deepen your research in the field and continue to work in order to find new, more effective and more efficient strategies. Don't stop learning, because the secret to being a professional is to keep learning. Read poker strategy articles, chat with other players more experienced than you and browse the forums. Use tools like sharkscope and a tracker to improve your analysis of other players.

Don't hesitate to take on some professionals from time to time in free poker games to gauge your level. Be a long-term winning poker player with thousands of hands in cash games and tournaments.

Some tips and tricks to succeed?

Becoming a professional online poker player requires some key tips.

Be realistic

Are you planning to become an online poker professional and leave your current job? Do you have the ambition to earn a certain amount per month? You need to determine how many tournaments you will need to play to match your previous salary. As an employee you have a salary at the end of each month. You are also entitled to paid vacation. Still, you will have to sit for 60 hours a week. In the case of poker you have to take into account all these mentioned aspects.

Make a trial period

One of the most important pieces of advice is to test your abilities. So take weeks off from work to play. You will then discover how tedious it is to play poker non-stop for weeks at a time. The worst thing would be to lose affiliate cellars. You will find it hard to be motivated. Note that poker is more profitable in the evening. Will you be able to combine family and work in the evening? It's best to be sure of all this before taking the plunge.

A solid bankroll

Are you still convinced you're going to be a professional poker player? Then you must have a higher bankroll than a recreational player. In addition to it, you must have financial reserves for the unexpected. However, it is important not to make any non gambling related expenses in the bankroll, as bad times can occur.

Acting like a pro

The biggest trick is to have a professional attitude. That's what the pro players don't tell you by only mentioning the freedom of the game. The majority of them are very disciplined, respect their work schedule and work in a state of sobriety.