What you need to know about freerolls


On poker sites, it is possible to play poker in free or paid mode. Also, some online poker tournaments are played for free and sometimes allow you to win real money. Also known as freerolls, these tournaments are a means used by online casinos to attract more poker players. If you want to know more about freerolls, read this article.

Freerolls: What are they?

Freerolls are free online poker tournaments. The big difference with other types of poker tournaments is that you don't pay a buy-in fee or commission. In other words, freerolls allow you to play poker for free and win without paying any fees to the casino site. Thus, they are a good alternative for beginners who want to learn online poker. It's also a good way to take your first steps in online poker tournaments.

What's the interest for a poker player?

Freerolls are useful for both beginners and experienced players. You won't risk losing money playing freerolls, no matter what your level of play. Freerolls allow new players to learn the rules of online poker with little investment. In addition, when they decide to sign up and wager money after a good mastery, they can earn bonuses through a point system.

In addition, some sites use freerolls as qualifying tournaments for paid online poker. These freerolls are usually reserved for experienced players. When experienced players participate in these qualifiers, they have a good chance of winning packages (airfare, pocket money, etc.) or entry fees for future paid tournaments. However, participating in freerolls is not always beneficial, as the free entry pushes some players to behave quite aggressively.

Where can you find them?

You can find freerolls on most online poker sites. Indeed, some online casinos organize at least one freeroll every hour, while others do it every 5 days. In addition, some poker platforms organize special freerolls in the run-up to the holidays.

Since the frequency of freerolls differs from site to site, it is recommended that you visit a few of them regularly to check them out. Once you're there, you can check their calendars to see which tournaments are marked as free or simply have a zero buy-in.

How do I win freerolls?

Although freerolls are free, it is important to know how to win them in order to improve yourself. If you are a beginner, you should start your games with a lot of calm and patience. Most players being inexperienced, they attack or fold very quickly without thinking too much, because they have nothing to lose.

Don't be afraid to take calculated risks or lose chips during your games. During freerolls, take advantage of the absence of some players at your table to take bets from those who play before you. During your freerolls, often make the pot grow when you are sure you have the best hand. Finally, don't hesitate to play strong pairs like a real pro.